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Sacred Silence

Silence gives us the opportunity to recognize God within us.  To pay attention to the thoughts that arise and surface.  The Lord does not bring things into the light to shame us, to frighten us or to cause us more suffering.  He brings things into the light in order to heal us, to make us new and to transform us by the power of His love.

I’ve come to love the silence and my time with the Lord.  This is where I let go of everything distracting in this world.  I relish in the silence, meditating on the love of Jesus, His sacrifice, His most precious blood, and allowing Him to have dominion over my innermost thoughts.  I allow Him to heal areas of fear, thoughts of unworthiness, unforgiveness, and suffering.  I allow Him to throw out the lies Satan weaves in my thoughts that bring me away from Jesus.  I allow and invite Jesus into the most vulnerable places in my heart.  There is nothing in my heart and thoughts that are scary to Him.  I choose to face my fears and dark places with Jesus.  To explore what God is saying to me and what He wants me to know about them.  Jesus heals my shame and replaces it with love.  Because His love covers all.  His love heals all.  His love is all I need.

Today I will be grateful for the silence.   I will honor the sacred silence I've been given and seek God's presence within me.  I will allow this time of sacred silence to heal me, renew me, and transform me by the power of God's love.


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