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About Me

Hi, thanks for dropping by!

My name is Kendall Berry Lasseigne and I am a wife, mother, daughter, and author with a heart for leading others to Jesus.  I believe one of my missions is getting all of us to heaven and I attribute learning this from my strong, faithful Christian parents.  

After a long career in Human Resources, I recently left my Director of Human Resources position to work alongside my husband, a financial advisor focused on faith-driven investing heading up communications and client services.   


Outside of work, my passion lies in writing and ministry.  Over the past twenty-six years, I have worked with teens, young adults, and adults. leading Bible studies in my home with my husband and conducting retreats. Since 2005, I have had the opportunity with my ministry work to co-organize and guide many pilgrims to religious sites in Europe.  Most recently I am leading an intercessory prayer ministry and a women's share group at my church.  

As my faith deepened and my ministry grew, so did my need to spend quiet time journaling and talking with God.  This solitude and love for writing became my own private retreat which I have deemed my "inner room".   One of my greatest blessings is to share my current reflections and my book of prayer poems which sprang up through years of journaling about my experiences, struggles, hurts, joys, and blessings.    I continue to journal and write reflections that I hope inspire you.

I hold a bachelor's degree in mass communications from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.  Reared in Miami Florida, I moved to Louisiana where I met Mark, my husband of thirty-eight years.  We have three wonderful adult children whom we love to spend as much time as possible with them.   I currently reside in Houston, Texas with my husband Mark.

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