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Clay Pot or Wax Candle

Deepening your relationship with God means opening your heart to Him, allowing yourself to be vulnerable to Him, and letting go. Sure, that’s much easier to do when everything is going well. But as soon as some trial or difficulty comes our way, letting go is usually the last thing we do. We want to control things and when we can’t control things we worry, we get anxious, and it becomes a cycle. 


We want to set the direction or parameters in a situation and even sometimes to the point of telling God what we want Him to do. We turn to God in a worried prayer and then ask God to follow us and change our worries into prayer. 


But God wants us to surrender; to trust Him. To trust, we must let go and allow God to mold us. It is in the molding that our relationship deepens with God.


Sometimes difficulties make us harden our hearts toward God or towards others. Our hearts at times can be like a clay pot or like a wax candle. Under the heat of the sun, both the clay pot and the wax candle react but they react differently. The clay pot becomes harder and even sometimes to the point that it cracks or breaks. The wax candle, on the other hand, under the heat of the sun becomes softer and pliable.  


 We all have hearts of wax deep down but often we allow the clay pot to surround our hearts. This can happen when we’ve been hurt by someone, we have encountered something traumatic, or lost of job or friendship. It can even happen with God especially if we've been praying for God to answer us or change a situation but it just doesn’t seem that He is listening.  


In difficulties and trials, God wants our hearts to be softened like wax, not hardened like clay. He is there shining His warmth and light upon us and He is just waiting for us to allow Him to take care of us, mold us, heal us.


To grow in any relationship means becoming vulnerable. That can be scary. It means taking a risk with someone or more importantly taking a risk with God. But the only way we can give and receive love is to open our hearts. Our hearts must be willing to be like wax. The heat of the sun may be uncomfortable, but when we allow the clay around our hearts to crack, we let God’s light shine through and soften our hearts with His love. The more time we spend in God’s light and love, the deeper our relationship grows. This is living and moving in the Holy Spirit.


As we begin our day, let us recognize what causes us to harden our hearts like the clay pot.   Let us examine what things or people we are afraid to let go of or that are keeping our hearts guarded.  Let us ask God to send His Spirit to soften our hearts like the wax candle so we can trust Him and feel His love today. 


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